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Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync 3.4.6 “FireFox Plugin”

Xmarks provides seamless bookmark synchronization between your computers and browsers by mechanism of our synchronization server. Your bookmark (and optionally password) information is safely stored and backed onto our servers.

Our innovation services aid you calculate the quality of websites you visit, as well as locate indistinguishable sites with a single click. For instance, as shortly as you hunt on Google or other hunt motors, we contrast your hunt results against information on our servers in command to recommend sites that have been regularly bookmarked. Our innovation services are powered via examining anonymously and in compound the millions of bookmarks on our servers–in this way we are influencing the wisdom of crowds to strongly sweeten your hunting and browsing experience.

Xmarks is the #1 bookmarking add-on. It takes merely a moment to obtain upward and running with Xmarks. After you install the add-on, click on the notification to establish Xmarks and begin backing upward and synchronizing your bookmarks. Install Xmarks on each computer you exert, and it seamlessly integrates with your web browser and retains your bookmarks safely backed upward and in sync.

Xmarks shall sync across browsers too. Today we advocate Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac OS). Please visit our website at xmarks.com for details.

Click here to Download Xmarks

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