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70+ Free Social Media Icon Sets

Designers and bloggers always try to search some new stuff on internet which help them to decorate their web pages and blogs in attractive and innovative ways.
To save their time and energy we collected a few social networking icons set and the most interesting part is that these all are free for use but here is just a recommendation that before using these social media icons read out the designer’s personal license agreement and specifications by clicking on the following integrated links.

The following socialize bookmarks packages include icons for several social networking platforms as youtube, facebook, myspace, flickr, stumbleupon, technorati, twitter, feedburner, wordress, digg, mix, windows live, ning, delicious, blogger, reddit, orkut, google, furl, yahoo, aol, mail, tumbler, yahoo buzz, google buzz, rss, linkind, aim, bebo, ebay, hi5, last.fm, and many many more.So, check out the following featured social media icons set and download your required ones.

Social Media Comment Bubbles

These are 108 glossy social bookmarks icons.


These icons are available in PNG format.

Plechi Socia Media Icons

Free social media vector icons.

Amazing 3D Icons

This pack contains 20 icons of .PNG format in 64 x 64, 128 x 128 pixel size.

Wooden Badges

This pack contains 27 social network icons.

Crystal Clear Bubble

These are 154 icons of PNG format.

Nurture Social Icon Pack

Package contains 10 icons of .PNG format.

Blue Chrome Rain

These are 154 icons.

Retro Grunge Stripes

Its a collection of 108 icons.

Social Icons Vector Set

These are 16 icons available in vector and PNG format.

Cute Little Factory

Available in 48, 64 and 128 pixel sizes and PNG formats.

Rivet Social Icon

These are 14 icons avaiable in 64 x 64 pixel, JPG format.

Matte White Square Icons

Package includes 108 high resolution icons.

Orange Grunge Stickers

This package contains 154 icons.

Socialize Media Icons

These are 12 high quality socialize icons and available in different sizes.

Set of Social Icons No.2

These social icons are available in .PNG format.

Social Sketches

These are 16 icons of 32 x 32 pixel, 48 x 48 pixel, 64 x 64 pixel, 128 x 128 pixel, 256 x 256 pixel, and 512 x 512 pixel sizes and available in .PNG format.

Social Balls

Package contains 5 icons.

Circular Social Media Icons

Package contains 36 icons of 32 x 32 pixel, 64 x 64 pixel, 128 x 128 pixel and size.

Simqel Icons

Social network icons available in .PNG and .SVG format.

Social Media Stars

These are 26 social media icons.

CS Social Icon Pack

This set includes different social icons.

34 Wood Social Media Icons

Package includes 34 social media icons.

Black and White Icons

Pack contains 14 icons of PNG format.

Sctechy Icons

Available in .PNG, .AI, .EPS and .SVG formats.

Icontexto Webdev Icons

These are 8 social bookmark icons available in .PNG format.

Ray Bot Icons

Social network icons available in .PNG format.

Icons Cloud

Package contains 25 icons.

Wild Twist

Pack is designed on the inspiration of animal paws.


Contains 4 icons of .PNG format.

Social Charms Pack 2 Icons

This is a set of different social bookmark icons.

Handycons 2

Package contains 20 icons of 16 x 16 pixel, 32 x 32 pixel, 64 x 64 pixel and 128 x 128 pixel size.

Vintage Stamp

Package contains 23 stamps icons.

Handy Icons

These are 24 icons.


These are 65 social bookmarks and icons.

Vector Social Media Icons

These are 50 icons and available in .EPS, .PNG, and .GIF format.

Brown Social Icon Pack

These are 12 glossy polished icons of 32 × 32 pixel, 64 × 64 pixel and 128 × 128 pixel size and .PNG format.


This is a set of 20 glossy social icons.

Social Media Mini Pack

Contains icons for different social networks.

SocioLEGO Lego

These a re 11 icons available in different sizes.

Tricons Social Icon

These are 12 triangular wooden icons, available in 3 sizes as 32 pixel, 48 pixel and 75 pixel in PNG format.

Social Signin Icons

These are icons and buttons available for twitter, facebook and other social networks.

Hand Drawn Doodles Icons

These are 14 icons available in .PNG and .JPG format.

Precise Pixel Icons

These icons are available in 3 different colors.

Large Icons

This package contains 23 different icons of various sizes and available in PNG, ICO, and BMP file formats .

White Button Social Media Icon

This is set of 25 glossy social media icons.

Ultra Glossy Silver Icons

This package conatins 108 icons.

Glossy Waxed Wood Social Networking Icons

108 high quality wood waxed glossy icons.

Simple White Social Media Icons

This package contains 1,504 simple white social icons.

Silver Inlay Glowing Glass

154 social networking icons.

Pink Jelly

This pack contains 108 social bookmark icons.

Matte Black Social Media

These are 154 social networking icons.

Complete Breakfast

These icons are available in .AI, ,EPS, .SVG, and .PNG formats.

Dark Denim

108 icons of 512 x 512 pixel size.


These are 20 social media icons.

Social Icons Made of Wood

These are 11 icons available in .PNG and .ICO format.

Glossy Orange Orb

108 social networking icons set.


This package contains 39 icons available in 5 different sizes.

3D Black Button

This package contains 108 high resolution icons of PNG format.

Orange Jelly

Package contains 108 icons.

Old Bottle Crowns Icons

These are 20 icons of 200 x 200 pixel size.

Mate BW

108 icons of 512 x 512 pixel size.

AJI 3D Set #2

This set contains 3D social network bookmarks.

AJI Icons

This set contains 3D social network icons.

Function Icons

This is set of 128 social bookmarks and available in 48 x 48 pixel size.

Woven Fabric

These are 26 icons available in .PNG format.

PagePeel Ver 2

The package includes icons of 64 × 64 pixel and 128 x 128 pixel size.

Grass Textured Social Icon

This is 12 icons pack.

3D Social Media Icons

Pack contains 20 social icons.

Extreme Grunge Garments Icons

These are 9 social bookmarks icons of .PNG format.

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