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Apple’s New Response on iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

As iPhone 4 antenna problem is been in the discussion since the iPhone 4 was launched few days earlier and the user who first time pointed out the issue sent an email to Apple’s CEO which stated the question:
“What’s going to be done about the signal dropping issue. Is it software or hardware?”

and Steve replied:

“Non issue. Just avoid holding it in that way.”

But now another reader on Gizmodo sent question to Apple’s CEO as some of the lines are following:

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that this is the most amazing phone I’ve ever owned. FaceTime is incredible! Everything is fantastic except the reception issues I’ve been having.
My buddy has the same issue and he called AppleCare and was shipped a free bumper case. I called too, 2 hours and 3 dropped calls later, I was told that nobody is getting free bumpers. Which is strange because I saw my friends email confirmation showing he was getting a free one. I tried to get one on launch day but the store was sold out. Is there anything you or one of your executive escalations people can do? I love everything about the phone except my signal issues. I hope to hear back with good news.
Thanks for your time,

This time Steve said:

“There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.”

This latest Apple’s response on iPhone 4 signal dropping contradicts with the first reply and it also rumored that Apple will come up with iOS 4.01 update on Monday to resolve the problem so stay tuned for further news

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