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Sanctum: Movie Review

Movie Review: Sanctum is a film which will jar your senses if you are remotely hydrophobic or acrophobic or claustrophobic and resembles Titanic’s concluding portions where all you can feel is absolute doom.There are 5 people in this movie scurrying around in submerged caverns and to further highlight the feeling of complete despair, it is 3D no less.

James Cameron, who is the executive producer, is not greatly involved in this low budget production but his 3D techniques in cinematography are employed to bring out the important parts.

Sanctum directed by Alister Grierson expresses his preference for spectacle and gore over screenplay and 3D effects were better utilized in Avatar. This film starts off in Papua New Guinea but has been shot extensively in Australia with mostly an Australian cast.

Sanctum revolves around a dozen divers who embark in an adventure into partially flooded catacombs. 5 of them form the main cast namely Richard Roxburgh portraying the role of a crusty master spelunker, Frank, Rhys Wakefield as Josh who plays the rebellious teenaged son of Frank, Ioan Gruffudd who essays the role of a cocky American called Carl who is the financer behind this journey, Alice Parkinson who plays Carl’s girlfriend, Victoria and Dan Wyllie plays George, a veteran caver.

The film progresses with introducing these characters which completely falls flat as it is an ineffectual combination of tough guy banter and clichés. A typhoon is fast approaching which in any normal circumstances would have cued in the people to run for the exit.

However, Frank is unhurried sends colleagues to investigate who in turn find the portal inundated. When the report comes in, the leader assures that all of them shall make it out through another way but most of them perish along the way.

The sensation of being trapped is almost surreal and the movie has many heart-stopping moments such as this involving two very graphic mercy killings. Sanctum is claimed to be inspired by a true life story but the film is extremely grisly and gory as compared to the actual events. This is a film very select group of X-treme sports fans would truly enjoy.


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