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Yeh Saali Zindagi Review: An Entertaining Crime Comedy

Review: Yeh Saali Zindagi is definitely one of the most erratic yet entertaining films directed by Sudhir Mishra so far. It is a raucous and expeditious roller coaster of fun, thrill and the element of unpredictability. Arjun played by actor Irrfan Khan is in love with Priya whose role is essayed by Chitrangdha Singh but she in turn bestows her love to Shyam played by Vipul Gupta. It is not over yet; Shyam is engaged to be married to the minister’s daughter.

Amidst all the confusion, Kuldeep played by Arunoday Singh who is a petty criminal enters the scene to further complicate matters. He kidnaps Shyam and holds him hostage so that the minister is compelled to acquit his boss Bade essayed by Yashpal Sharma who is currently under arrest. Priya somehow drags herself into this situation and decides to side with her love, Shyam. Arun who cares about Priya is pulled into the mess inevitably.

From the very beginning, the director ensures that the narrative is entirely under his control and introduces a multitude of characters with no clear distinction. The audience is allowed to move along with the progress of the film and acclimatize to the myriad characters. The storytelling gets erratic due to the ineffectual switching back and forth and the frequent change in voiceover as well. The film virtually runs too promptly hardly allowing the audience to grasp the feel but when the interconnections are revealed, it takes on an interesting turn.

Sudhir Mishra does a fabulous job with the screenplay evoking memories of his film Iss Raat Ki Subah Nahi. The film hardly ever takes a stand on anything remotely moralistic and progresses with wry humour courtesy Manu Rishi. As expected, abuses are rampant but they are hardly offensive and go with the tone of the film. This film though based on crime is actually a tale of two men i.e. Arun and   Kuldeep going far along the realms of romance to obtain their lady love. Arun’s love for Priya is unconditional and refreshing where Kuldeep’s chemistry with his wife literally burns on screen.

The songs have been seamlessly knitted into the film to bring out the situations effectively and cinematography by Sachin Krishnan is in one word impeccable. Irrfan brings out the best in his character as only he can where Chitrangdha is sizzling and charming in her role. Arunoday Singh having portrayed many incomplete and forgettable roles finally gets a decent opportunity to showcase his talent and makes the most of it. The film is entertaining and is worth your time.


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