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Method to Change iPhone 4 Glass Back Panel With Aluminium Backplate

This procedure will take you through step by step instructions necessary to perform this procedure.

Before continuing, please note that the iPhone will be back with original cover, when taken to Apple for support. So remember to replace the original iPhone with the case under such circumstances as to end up losing the warranty of your iPhone. For the process, you need a Phillips screwdriver # 00. You can buy this at your neighborhood hardware store or buy one on eBay.

Step 1: The iPhone 4 rear panel is secured primarily by two screws on each side charging port on the underside of the iPhone. Use the screwdriver to the screws are not sure of his position

Step 2: Hold the iPhone touch screen down and the charging port on the end. Now slide the cover to apply gentle pressure with both hands on the panel.

Step 3: The cover should give. Now you can carefully remove the panel.

Step 4: Place the replacement housing on the back of the iPhone and position it slid up (as shown in the picture below):

Step 5: Now you have the housing as in Step 2 and gently slide the replacement housing in place. You hear a “click” when done correctly.

Step 6: Secure the two screws in place using the Phillips screwdriver # 00. Make sure that you are not sure too hard.

The process has been completed. Now you can enjoy the new look of the iPhone 4.

You can also check the video guide to see how:



Let’s enjoy New iphone look and Let me know how it is?


August 25, 2011 - Posted by | Apple, Iphone, Mobile Phones, Tips & Tricks

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