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Back Cover Leaked – iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S iPhone N94 Prototype

Photos MacPost.net people have posted, they say they are images of the back of a N94 prototype iPhone. The part is also called “EVT 2” (Engineering Verification Test) and June 7, 2011.

At this point in time, it is unclear if the N94 prototype iPhone iPhone iPhone 5 or 4S, which is rumored to be the cheapest version of the iPhone 4 8 GB of storage will be presented with the next generation iPhone or a modified version iPhone 4 to test the network of T-Mobile.

MacPost reports:

‘N94’ code name marked on the cover clearly indicates it is part of the fifth generation of iPhone. The front, however, is labeled “EVT2” (Engineering Verification Test) with the date ’07 June 2011, marking it as a prototype of early development.

According to some speculations, codenamed N94 is designed for next-generation iPhone. For perspective, the iPhone 4 GSM is code-named N90, while 4 is the CDMA iPhone codenamed N92.

References to N94 was first discovered in IOS 4.3 SDK, which also revealed that Apple would support chip A5 which currently powers iPad 2. In April, people from BGR had published a picture of a working prototype iPhone 4 in the 3G network of T-Mobile, which was codenamed N94 also.

If it be the N94 next generation iPhone, the iPhone would mean that 5 is not an iPhone completely redesigned, as the supposed iPhone 5 cases have suggested designs.

Are you upgrading or buying if iPhone 5 is similar to the iPhone 4, but it comes with a faster processor A5, improved 8-megapixel camera, etc? Let us know in the comments.


August 27, 2011 - Posted by | Apple, HTC, Iphone, Mobile News, Mobile Phones

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