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A clever status update on Facebook or image only tell their friends so much. What if you could show them exactly where you are and what you’re doing. Or “see”, to be precise? A team of entrepreneurs based in Seattle called ZionEyez, is currently working on a new product to make phone cam fuck-videos a thing of the past, and people forget about Flip cameras soon.

Eyez ™ like a pair of regular glasses, but that comprise a 720p HD camera video data can be recorded in 8 GB of onboard memory, or a computer via Bluetooth or USB v3.0 Micro. The real innovation lies in the fact that they can transfer images wirelessly to most of the iPhone and Android: “After a one-time download of” Eyez ™ ‘smartphone and application of a tablet, users can wirelessly transmit video in real time to their favorite social networking website. ”

In other words, Eyez ™ permit you to record video with hands-free through the viewfinder and the best possible and post it on Facebook instantly. It is also very secretive, so sometime in the near future we will have to take care of all those shaded dark glasses.

Users can simply tap the power sensor, open Eyez ™ application, and then forget about it. Several Web sites, including Qik and LiveStream, transmitted to the user profiles and save videos stored in the cloud.

However, in order to start production, the company is seeking $ 55,000 in funds by allowing people before the end of the video glasses HD recording via kickstart. You save $ 49 per couple if you do so before July 31, 2011.

Eyez ™:

* Camera High Definition 720p
* Up to 3 hours of recording time
* Wi-Fi 802.11n
* Micro USB charging port / data transfer
* 8 GB flash memory
* 100% UVA / UVB removable lenses
Bluetooth v3.0


» Pre-order and watch the introduction video on Kickstarter.


August 29, 2011 - Posted by | Facebook, Portable Softwares, Social Media, Software & Utilities, Technology

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