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Justin’s Beliebers queue overnight to see him at London

Bieber Fever swept through London this weekend, thousands of fans began lining up outside London, two shopping centers to see the star.
Justin Bieber will light the Christmas lights in two Westfield shopping in Stratford Shepherds Bush and then this afternoon and his army of fans have rushed to take a look at this emerging phenomenon. Some Beliebers skipped school to see the Canadian singer with fans traveling from as far away as Norway and the United States.

True Beliebers: Justin’s fans queued overnight to see him

The girls have been queing overnight for a wristband that allows access to see Justin on the lights, but after more than 12 hours in the cold to some fans were devastated when they lost.
A group of friends, sleeping in Central Park car purchases during the night through freezing conditions, cried hysterically when they realized they would not receive a bracelet.
Another group said they had been intimidated by a woman older gang that pushed them out of place.

Stampede: A woman is knocked to the floor amidst the rush


Run for your life: Fans sprint to get ahead of the pack




November 9, 2011 - Posted by | Enertainment

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