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How to create account using SSH in cpanel

How to create account using SSH in cpanel


Login to server via SSH.

Use cpanel create account script.


/scripts/createacct domainname.com username password


/scripts/createacct elinux.co.in elinuxco q1w2e3r4

It will prompt for ok? Press y

The above information is enough to create a temporary cpanel account. It will show the below output.

| New Account Info |
| Domain: elinux.co.in
| UserName: elinuxco
| PassWord: q1w2e3r4

This ok? y
Checking input data……Done
WWWAcct 12.5.0 (c) 2012 cPanel, Inc…….Done
Running pre creation script (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/prewwwacct)……Done
Adding User…Creating mailbox file: File exists
Adding Entries to httpd.conf……Done
Setting up Mail & Local Domains……Done
Configuring DNS……Done
Restarting apache……Done
Updating Authentication Databases……Done
Verifying MX Records and Setting up Databases……Done
Setting up Proxy Subdomains……Done
Sending Account Information……Done
Running post creation scripts (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/legacypostwwwacct, /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/postwwwacct, /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/postwwwacctuser)……Done
Setting up Domain Pointers……Done
Setting Reseller Privs……Done
Account Creation Complete!!!……Done
Account Creation Ok
System has 2 free ips.
Dns Zone check is enabled.
| New Account Info |
| Domain: elinux.co.in
| Ip: your server ip (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: elinuxco
| PassWord: q1w2e3r4
| CpanelMod: x3
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 0 Meg
| NameServer1: ns1.com
| NameServer2: ns2.com
| NameServer3:
| NameServer4:
| Contact Email:
| Package: default
| Feature List: default
| Language: en
Adding Shell Access (y)
Successlocaldomains…valiases …vdomainaliases…vfilters…Bind reconfiguring on testserver using rndc
Zone elinux.co.in has been successfully added
Password for elinuxco has been changed
Updating ftp passwords for elinuxco
Ftp password files updated.
Ftp vhost passwords synced
Reconfiguring Mail Routing:
LOCAL MAIL EXCHANGER: This server will serve as a primary mail exchanger for elinux.co.in’s mail.:
This configuration has been manually selected.

Bind reloading on testserver using rndc zone: [elinux.co.in]
System has 2 free ips.
wwwacct creation finished
Account Creation Ok


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